Family Moral Media with ClearPlay

by Steve Wood

The ClearPlay DVD filters and players are the very best option for family media management that I’ve seen in the past decade. If you watch movies in your home rated above “G”, then you need ClearPlay.I’ve used profanity blocking devices with success, but these didn’t do anything with the visual part of bad scenes. I’ve tried rental services that mailed edited DVDs, but the services were slow, the quality poor, and the DVDs often unplayable.ClearPlay offers DVD filters for over 4,500 movies and television shows. The filters can be used with DVDs that you purchase, rent, or borrow. ClearPlay is continually coming out with new and updated filters that can be quickly downloaded. You burn the downloaded filters to a special USB drive.It is a simple three-step process to watch a movie. First, you load the movie DVD into a special ClearPlay enabled DVD player and the player reads the movie title. Second, you load the USB drive with the filter into the player and it automatically loads the filter in a few seconds. Third, you are notified that the filter is loaded and you hit the play button. The whole process takes about a minute.This is such great technology that eight motion picture studios, the Directors Guild of America and about a dozen directors, including Steven Spielberg, sued for copyright infringement and for altering artistic products against companies offering DVDs that were edited for family friendliness. Hollywood wasn’t happy that smut, profanity, nudity, and excessive violence had been edited out of their creations. And I thought Hollywood was for “freedom of choice?”The United States Congress came to the rescue by passing the Family Entertainment and Copyright Act that permits filtering technology for movies. President Bush signed the bill into law on April 27, 2005.Be advised: I am definitely not giving a recommendation to every movie for which a ClearPlay filter is available, nor am I endorsing every editing decision made by ClearPlay.Families need to monitor the media in the home in order to preserve the faith and morals of children. Many parents regretfully discover way too late the media mistakes they make. Your guardian role as parents includes protecting your kids from the excesses of Hollywood. ClearPlay, while not inexpensive, is a valuable tool that helps you fulfill your role without saying “no” to every media request.To get started you’ll need a ClearPlay equipped DVD player and a filter subscription.Visit ClearPlay and see what they offer.