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Faithful & True

Pornography & Sexual Addiction Counseling
Pornography & Sexual Addiction Counseling

Mark Laaser, M.Div., Ph.D. is the Founder and President of Faithful & True, a Christian-based treatment center in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, specializing in sexual addiction. With over 26 years of personal experience, Dr. Laaser is nationally regarded as the leading Christian authority in the field of sexual addiction and has authored 10 books on the subject, including Healing The Wounds of Sexual Addiction, and his 3-book Men of Valor series. Mark holds a Ph.D. degree from the University of Iowa and a divinity degree from Princeton Theological Seminary.

Dr. Laaser is an Evangelical Protestant, who remains respectful to Catholic beliefs and moral teaching. He has a long-running history of successfully counseling many Catholic clients, including Catholic priests, struggling with sexual addiction.

Faithful & True is the leading Christian counseling center under the direction of Mark and Debbie Laaser, specializing in the treatment of sexual addiction. Professionals who work here have also been trained at the highest levels of clinical expertise. We believe that the combination of depending on God, together with the best therapeutic tools available is a powerful healing force.

Faithful & True offers:

  • Individual Counseling and Assessment
    The Faithful & True treatment center offers counseling for individuals and couples struggling with sexual addiction or sexual purity. This includes initial assessments concerning the presence of sexual addiction.
  • Group Counseling  
    We conduct weekly counseling groups for men  and their spouses seeking sexual purity.
  • MEN OF VALOR 3-Day Intensive Workshops
    This is the most effective and affordable intensive treatment program in the country for men struggling with sexual addiction. Dr. Mark Laaser and our staff combine lectures and small group interaction to understand the root causes that drive sexual addiction, the change process, neurochemistry of addiction, understanding your history, trauma and its affects, disclosure, rebuilding trust, decisions about your kids and creating a personal recovery plan.
  • 3-Day  Women’s Journey Workshops
    This workshop, led by Debbie Laaser, M.A., LAMFT and Beth Miller, M.A., is for women who have been sexually betrayed. It is a small group opportunity to work on personal growth, family of origin issues, coping, vision and much more.
  • 3-Day Couples’ Intensive Workshops
    This workshop, led by Mark and Debbie Laaser, together with Greg and Beth Miller, is for couples who have experienced sexual betrayal and/or simply struggling to experience genuine relational intimacy. It is for couples who long to grow emotionally and spiritually closer.
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